CNC Routing

This is our latest addition. We are now capable of producing high quality 3D Carving, Dimensional Signs and Lettering with precision on this equipment. It gives us capabilities and allows for creativity beyond your imagination.

Our CNC capabilities is extended to Carpenters, Contractors, Trades Men and Do- It-Yourself people. The precision and design capabilities of CNC Routing cannot be substituted by hand-cut especially where repetition and or architectural designs is required. The cost of labour is greatly reduced by contractors where we can produced specialized work in a fraction of time required to do it manually. Our machine bed is capable of of holding a 4x8 sheet of material and can cut or shape over and above that with perfect joins because is it fully computerized.

Try us out, you won't be disappointed!

Multigraphics • White Chapel, Kingston, St. Vincent & The Grenadines • (784) 457-2066

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